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Questions in Police Killing of Man Who Livestreamed Chase

The livestreamed video of the final minutes of Brian Quinones’ life before he was fatally shot by police in Minnesota show him calmly driving a car and listening to music, running at least one red light as he leads officers on a chase through two Minneapolis suburbs, reports the Associated Press. At one point, Quinones got out of the car with what appears to be a knife. Moments later, someone shouted a command and multiple shots rang out. Quinones, 30, died at the scene. His brother said Quinones had been having suicidal thoughts. The shooting prompted a protest and raised questions about whether police were too quick to shoot Quinones, and whether they could have used another means to stop him or help him if he was in crisis.

National best practices call for training officers on how to work with people who may be in crisis. Many departments have crisis intervention teams to work with people who are in trouble. Authorities began chasing Quinones late Saturday after they say he ran a red light and wouldn’t pull over. The city of Edina says Quinones “confronted officers with a knife.” David Klinger, chairman of the Criminology and Criminal Justice Department at University of Missouri-St. Louis, said that while the mental state of an individual should play a part in how police manage a situation, it’s immaterial when an officer is faced with an imminent threat. “What difference does it make if the reason why a man is trying to kill you is because he hates you or because he thinks you are a demon who has been sent from another dimension … if he is trying to kill you, you have a right to protect yourself,” Klinger said.